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  1. Our primary business is the management of separate U.S. Large Cap, Small Cap and Non-U.S. equity and fixed income portfolios for individuals, trusts, corporations, foundations and endowments.
  2. Cardinal is a fiduciary which means we have a legal and moral obligation to put our clients' interests first.
      • By contrast, brokers are not held to a fiduciary standard but rather a much less stringent “suitability” standard.     
  3. We are SEC registered investment advisors, and invest along side our clients.
  4. Our team is comprised of highly qualified and credentialed professionals with a combined 75+ years of investment experience.
      • Glenn, Cardinal's Chief Investment Officer, is a Charter Financial Analyst and past president of the NC Society of Financial Analysts and has managed billions of dollars for large institutions.
      • All portfolio managers have MBAs and one also has a JD.
      • Wes and Kathleen have a combined 10 years of Wall Street investment banking experience.

      • In addition, our support staff includes Sharon Sowell who holds a bachelors degree and has worked in the financial services industry for over 10 years and Lisa Wainwright, who also holds a bachelors degree, is a former audit manager for Ernst & Young and is a CPA.
  5. We are 100% employee owned.
  6. We personally manage all of our clients' accounts.
  7. Our objective is to exceed the relevant benchmark index returnnet of fees at significantly reduced risk (lower volatility).
  8. Valuation oriented approach that utilizes Cardinal's Multifactor Model to identify strong companies that are statistically undervalued to their own historical metrics.
      • We are long term investors with a 19-year, independently verified track record.
      • Cardinal’s U.S. Large Cap Core Composite has returned 23% more than the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index over thepast decade.
      • Cardinal was named “Top Guns Manager” of the Decade by PSN. Cardinal has outperformed 78% of the large cap core managers in the country over the last 10 years per PSN, but with less risk than 88% of those same managers.
      • We do not outsource our thinking by investing in mutual funds, which in some cases are over diversified in their holdings and have return cannibalizing fees in the form of loads.

  9. We do not collect commissions; we only earn a fee that is based on your account value.
  10. We are committed to providing our clients the highest quality investment management services.
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